My Portfolio

I have designed websites and am managing social media accounts for customers around the world.

Below you can find some examples of my work.  

Web Design

Web Design for a Chef's Blog

Brand and website design for a chef who shares educational and entertaining articles on a monthly basis.

Web Redesign for a Tour Company

Website redesign for a Bike Tours Company in Thailand. The website features filterable tours and blog.

Web Design for a Card Reader

Website and Social Media design for a professional card reader. Website is in German and includes booking system.

web designer hong kong

Web Redesign for Nutritionist

Web Redesign for a Nutrition Coach + E-commerce development for her recipe book. Sara was starting as a nutritionist in 2019 .

Web Design for a Boutique Gym

Website design and marketing strategy for a boutique gym in Hua Hin, Thailand. This project was for a start up set up by Thai and Australian entrepreneurs/ trainers who started in Hong Kong.

web designer hong kong

Web Redesign for Online Teacher

Web Design for an online English teacher. It features educational blog and  also serves as  a portfolio website.

Web Design for Accelerating Insurance

Brand and Website Design for a Hong Kong/Bangkok company who advice insurance incumbents and startups, develop and conduct InsurTech strategies and bring the two worlds together. 

Web Design for a Network Marketer

Website Design for a Thai network marketer in Bangkok. The page features blog and it’s content is in Thai language. It’s pink and cute.

Web Design for Korean Cooking Classes

Web Design for a Korean Chef who runs Korean cooking classes in Singapore and  around Asia.

Social Media Marketing

Mindfulness Coach

The company offers Mindfulness courses, retreats and workshops both online and in-person in Thailand. 

Signature Hotel Restaurant

McFarland House is one of the beachfront restaurants in Thailand. Together with the Chef we have created stunning layout for the IG page.

Danish Fashion Designer

Lise Sandahl is a Danish Fashion Designer selling her clothing lines in Scandinavia, Thailand and Online.

Professional Card Reader

Instagram marketing strategy and  grid design  for a card reader and NLP Trainer.

Italian Bar in Thailand

Mozza Mia is a popular bar in the heart of Hua HIn. The goal was to gain more exposure and followers from Hua Hin and Bangkok.

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